Tiger Sports Seasons

MKIS   Sports Seasons

High School Sports Seasons  (Varsity JV*)
*Many U-15s play both JV/Varsity and U-15 seasons

August to November 1st

Boys and Girls  Volleyball  (Girls Hong Kong, Boys Bangkok)
Boys and Girls   Soccer  (Kuala Lumpur)

November 5th to February 1st

Girls Touch   (Singapore)
Boys and Girls Basketball (Bangkok)
Boys and Girls Swimming to March 8th  Includes U-15, U-13  (Jakarta)
Boys and Girls Tennis  (Kuala Lumpur)

February 4th to April 19th

Boys and Girls Softball   (Yangon)

February 23rd  ISAKL Track Meet  Grades 3-12
Track Season to be announced

February 25th to April 30th  (approximate dates)

Boys and Girls Soccer
Boys and Girls Basketball


August 28- November 15th  (approximate)
Boys and Girls Soccer

March 10- May 16th
Boys and Girls Basketball

September 11- December 1st
Elementary Swim Team Grades 2-5

Grade 3-5 Track Team-  December to February

Boys and Girls Soccer
(To be announced)


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