Girls Soccer Schedule


Girls Varsity Soccer
**Please keep in mind that dates and times still may change and I will inform you ahead of time.  Otherwise, here’s the latest schedule for September and October.

Monday Sept.3 – Practice 4:30-5:45
Wednesday – Friday Sept.5-7 – Malaysian Studies (no practice).  Please run and/or
workout on both Saturday and Sunday.  Keep high level of fitness.
Monday Sept.10 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Tuesday Sept.11 – Game @ISKL
Thursday Sept.13 – Game @Garden
Friday Sept.14 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Monday Sept.17 – Practice 4:30-5:45
Wednesday Sept.19 – Game @Alice Smith
Thursday Sept. 20 – Team Run
Friday – Saturday Sept.21-22 – Dalat Tournament in Penang
Monday Sept.24 – Practice 4:30-5:45
Wednesday Sept.26 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Thursday Sept.27 – Team Run
Friday Sept.28 – Practice 3:15-4:30

Monday Oct.1 – Game here vs. Alice Smith
Wednesday Oct.3 – Game @Garden
Thursday Oct.4 – Team Run
Friday Oct.5 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Saturday Oct.6 – Team Cross Country Run 3K @Frim
Monday Oct.8 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Wednesday Oct.10 – ISAC League Finals @ISKL
Thursday Oct.11 – Team Run
Friday Oct.12 – Practice 3:15-4:30 (Please plan for practice before holiday)
Saturday – Sunday Oct.13-21 – Hari Raya Holiday AND LOTS OF RUNNING
Saturday Oct.20 – JV Soccer Tournament @ISKL if you’re around
Monday Oct.22 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Wednesday Oct.24 – Practice 4:30-5:45
Thursday Oct.25 – Half-day for students – Team Run TBA
Friday Oct.26 – Half-day for students – Practice TBA
Saturday Oct,27 – Possible team dinner/get together/sleep over
Sunday Oct.28 – Possible tournament at MKIS with local teams
Monday Oct.29 – Practice 4:30-5:45
Wednesday Oct.31 – Practice 3:15-4:30
Friday-Saturday Nov.2-3 SEASAC @Alice Smith


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