Scheduling Notices August 22nd

Elementary School Swim Team:  Important Notices to Parents

We will be having two swimming programs after school that will NOT appear in regular ASA forms that go out to parents.   One program is a paid program run by Marjolein Harting that includes lessons for preschool and elementary students and also a stroke improvement class for more advanced swimmers.   This will appear in the link as the Tiger Sharks program.

We also will have an elementary school swim team for grades 2-5 that begins on Sept. 11 and will run until Dec. 1st.    The elementary team coaches and pe staff are planning to have a swim carnival on Sept. 7th in the school which should raise interest in the program.   Registration for the swim team is done at the pool on Tuesday, Sept. 11th with the coaches,  NOT through the ASA office.

U-13 Soccer  Boys and Girls  August 28th

The U-13 soccer teams for boys and girls will begin on Tuesday, August 28th at 3:00 PM on the lower field.   This team is aimed for grade 6-7 students.  Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday.   Registration for the team will be held at the field on the 28th.   Students should come prepared to train on Tuesday.   The U-13 teams play approximately 10 games plus one tournament.  The season is over in mid November.
No prior experience is required.


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