The Great Joy of Effort

If I never learn anything else as an athletic director, I hope that I can just get my ego out of the way so that I can continue to be a part of great moments like last weekend   I hope you enjoy these photos.  I think they just about tell it all.   Thanks to Stantons for them.


Both of our athletes, Elias Hegner and Henrik Guldbrandsoy won their 1500 races, but it could have gone either way and all 4 runners ran with so much wonderful courage.


The next three photos are about guts.   Madelief in the first took her race out fast and then held it strong to the end.  Maxine waited to the last turn and then just poured it on.  And then Mathew, well what can you say, he was ill, but pushed every ounce of energy out of himself.




The Biegert boys thrilled us with races both short and long.

Three silvers two gold  and a bronze showed how their legs are so strong.



Have you ever been to a sporting event where the picture below did not happen?  I can’t remember the last time, that is, when the girl on podium isn’t in the medals for her team.  Kaitlyn Brodie wins first in the triple jump, 2nd in the high jump.


At almost every tiger event you will see lots of athlete’s losing sodium.

And the Stanton girls, Kate and Sammi, will often be on the podium.



Peter has only one gear, All out!!!!


For one brief moment we were in first place

And MPSJ track stadium was our space.


Our U-9s didn’t know that in year’s past we were quite far behind.

They just loved the podium. It wasn’t hard to find.





Some new faces in the middle school crowd




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