ISAKL Track and Field Info Sunday March 1st

Entry Rules

Maximum events per athlete 2 track events, 2 field events and 1 relay.

Maximum number of entries per school/per event

Relays 1 entry per school for U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, and O-15.

Running events 3 entries per event per school (e.g. 3 entries for 100 meters).

Field Events 3 entries per event per school.

Medals to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Entries Form Entries to be submitted via Team Manager.

. Age categories are as of August 1st 2008.

Places will be determined by times if there is more than one heat in order to save time throughout the day. For instance, if there are 4 heats for the U-9 50 meters, the fastest 8 of all of the times will be counted, not the individual heats.

Entries Deadline Deadline for entries to the ISAKL track and field meet is MONDAY 22ND February.

Points for overall school winners

Place Individual Events

Relays 1st 8 points 16 points 2nd 7 points 14 points 3rd 6 points 12 points 4th 5 points 10 points 5th 4 points 8 points 6th 3 points 6 points 7th 2 points 4 points 8th 1 point 2 points

Responsibilities for meet (KLASS will organise the equipment. Schools to provide the personnel to run the particular field event.) ISKL – HIGH JUMP MKIS – LONG JUMP, TRIPLE JUMP GIS – SHOT PUT KLASS – JAVELIN AISM – DISCUS KLASS – TRACK EVENTS Note on Schedule:

There will be unavoidable overlap between running events and field events. Track events take priority over field events. Athletes should register with their respective field event and then compete in their track events. They should then return to their field event. Coaches please check and inform your athletes of any potential clashes.

Times for events represent the closest estimate. Should an event finish earlier than expected the next event will start as soon as possible. Schedule of Events 7:30am arrival Field Events Schedule

8:00am U-9 girls high jump U-9 boys high jump U-9 girls shot putt U-9 boys shot putt U-11 girls long jump U-11 boys long jump

9:00am U-9 girls long jump U-9 boys long jump U-11 girls high jump U-11 boys high jump U-11 girls shot putt U-11 boys shot putt

10:00am U-13 girls shot putt U-15 girls long jump O-15 girls high jump O-15 boys high jump U-13 girls discus U-13 boys discus

10:30am U-13 boys shot putt U-15 boys long jump O-15 boys discus O-15 girls discus

11:00am U-13 girls long jump U-15 girls high jump U-15 boys high jump O-15 girls shot putt U-15 girls discus U-15 boys discus

11:30am U-13 boys long jump O-15 boys shot putt 12:00pm U-13 girls high jump U-13 boys high jump U-15 girls shot putt O-15 boys long jump

12.30pm U-15 boys shot putt O-15 girls long jump

1:00pm U-13 girls triple jump O-15 boys javelin

1:30pm U-13 boys triple jump O-15 girls javelin

2:00pm U-13 boys javelin U-15 girls triple jump

2:30pm U-13 girls javelin U-15 boys triple jump

3:00pm U-15 girls javelin O-15 boys triple jump

3:30pm U-15boys javelin O-15 girls triple jump

Track Events

U-11, 800m girls/boys

U-9, U-11, 200m girls/boys

U-9, U-11, 400m girls/boys

U-9, U-11, 100m girls/boys

U-9, 50m girls/boys

U-9, U-11, 4x100m relay girls/boys

U-13, U-15, O-15, 100m girls/boys

U-13, U-15, O-15, 800m girls/boys

U-13, U-15, O-15, 200m girls/boys

U-13, U-15, O-15, 400m girls/boys

U-13, U-15, O-15, 1500m girls/boys

U -13, U-15, O-15, 4x100m relay girls/boys


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