SEASAC Touch Results Day 2- Feb 7th

First Place UWC  Second Place MKIS Third Place BPS  4th NIST 5th KLASS 6th BISJ  7th RIS 8th CDNIS 

After 12 cases of gatorade in a scorcher, UWC  once again proved to be the dominating force in SEASAC girls touch.   In the final game the Singapore squad raced to a 6-1 margin with speed, power, and finesse over the tigers from Mont Kiara.  Two late tries by MKIS were not enough to overcome the great play of UWC. Final Score 6-3.     Here are some of the second day photos.  


Patana scoring the first try in the semis.  


Alice Smith, the girls with wheels.  


Hong Kong on the move.  


We all wish Ms. Lacrosse would play for our school.  



Tilly doing her magic. 


Third Place after beating NIST


Who said that IB teachers and students are boring???????????????


The killing force against Mont Kiara


The joy of Victory


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