Move Over Usain Bolt, Tigers Have Their Own Speedsters with Endurance

Who says cross country running is not a team sport?   Well take a look at these photos.   5 girls in U-9 category of the first ever ISAKL Cross Country Meet held in Kepong on Saturday ran as a pack almost the entire 1.5 kilometers.   No firsts, no seconds, no thirds,  but they did get 4th, 5th, 6th,7th and 8th.   Here they are.  Sophie Teglaar, Maxine Peterson, Ella Cole, Charlotte Vogtlander, and Renee Walker-Cook.    In this event the top 10 finishers score for their team.   The girls strategy of running together and encouraging each other paid off.   MKIS was first by one point over ISKL 28 to 27.

Ella is not in the first picture and Maxine is not in the second.

The U-9 Boys were equally as impressive.   Mathew Sparling was second place and his other team mates placed high enough to make them the winners of their category as well.  The finishers were Matthew Sparling, Ryan Bethke, Jee Sup Park, Albin Signell, Edward Schelin, Jack Fricker, Chan Park, and Yudesh and Divesh Subaskaran.

The U-11 Boys were third in their category.  Shashawat Dalal made a courageous run and was battling for first for awhile after David Biegert couldn’t run because of illness.   The finishers included Gun Ho Kwon, Amey Bafna, Jovi Sim, Peter Vogtlander, Alexander Davie-Tei, Matthys Stemerdink, Yoran Essers, Prateek Mahajan, and Erik Nelson.

The U-11 girls race was a second place finish for Mont Kiara.  Kate Stanton was third place overall in a beautiful run.  Here are the finishers of the 1.5 k course.  Hannah Lasater, Sara Lunning, Kate Stanton, Maddie Fricker, Avery Laing, Emma Jhaveri, Rebecca MacNeil, and Alva Schelin. Emma and Alva scored.

The U-13 girls only had one representative and that was Sierra Brushwood.   She came in second place overall for her category which was enough for a third place finish for MKIS in that category.   Look at that girl go.

The U-13 Boys was run at the same time as the U-11s because it was 3 km instead of 1.5 for the elementary students and 2 for the U-13 girls.   I was taking photos of the U-11s and then out of nowhere suddenly appeared Elias Hegner.  He finished so far ahead of everyone else that it seemed like he must have started earlier.   What a great run he had.   Conner Sparling, Erik Lunning, and Johannes Hegner also scored for the team making them also first place in their category out of 8 schools.  Here are the other 3 km finishers. Leo Jhaveri, Christopher Davie-Tei, Hidetoshi Ikeda, Frederik Meyer, August Schelin, David Sjonell, and Suerre Rognli.

We had one high school competitor. Oscar Schafer who finished 15th overall.  Good show Oscar.


One Response to “Move Over Usain Bolt, Tigers Have Their Own Speedsters with Endurance”

  1. mudspice Says:

    I was wondering what settings you use on your camera when you take these action shots. I was trying to take some actions ones today of kids running, but they didn’t turn out that great. Any advice?

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