Two Keys to Huge Fitness Success

During the past month I have had a bit of a reeducation about becoming fit thanks to some work from a program called Intu-flow and also using kettlebells.     The pillar of fitness for me has always been cardio-vascular consistency that is doing a lot of running.  When I am running a lot, I feel a lot fitter.    I have always felt that stretching and building strength is something that I should do more of, but I have never spent enough time and can barely make it into a weight room.   Stretching is, well, just too painful.   

What I have learned recently is that what is a central key to fitness really isn’t about making things longer like muscles and tendons, but it lubricating the joints to make them more agile.   It is a dramatic shift for me and since I started doing intu-flow,  my range of motion has suddenly been on the increase.    Everyone in my family is doing the program and it has produced some really great results.  

The other key is to build muscle endurance, not just cardio endurance.  You obviously get some strength from doing the cardio,  but by just using a kettlebell for a few short minutes everyday I find that I am really getting stronger in my runs.   It is about 18 lbs and the exercises do a range of motions rather than just isolated one muscle.   


You can look these up on the internet for what they look like and it will well be worth the investment.


One Response to “Two Keys to Huge Fitness Success”

  1. Kathy Cole Says:

    Richard, I just read your blog on two keys to huge fitness success. I found a great way to see what the Intu Flow system is, was to find Scott Sonnon on YouTube. He has a numerous collection of videos explaining the system and giving examples. It is all very interesting to me and I am wondering where in Malaysia did you find your Intu-Flow and kettlebells?

    Kathy Cole

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