Changing Training Dead Ends to Eagerness

Lately I realized that I have hit a number of roadblocks in my training process.   I seem to start out doing training very enthusiastically and then somewhere along the way I allow what is happening outside of sport affect my performance in a very negative way.   For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what was going on, then an important understanding began to appear.   What was happening to me outside of the sport was that I was becoming overly cautious and conservative in my work.   I stopped expressing myself freely with my ideas mainly because I was targeting the thoughts to the wrong audience.   I was making the big mistake of trying to get people who were pretty set in their ways, who were interested primarily in maintaining the status quo, to make major changes.   I kept running into roadblocks and resistance.  The effect on training was that instead of being joyous and enthusiastic, I became disheartened and inconsistent.

So what dawned on me was that I can’t force people to change who don’t have a will to do so especially when they have a vested interest in keeping things as they are.    As obvious as this is and as often as I have read it in books and articles it is a lesson that is extremely difficult for me to accept and incorporate.   I guess I am stubborn.

I get focused on who I think should be changing and then let my thoughts dwell there.  Then I have the awful strategy of telling them what they are doing wrong.    They never change, but the worst part is that I lose my energy for sport and training because of it.

So I have decided to come up with a new strategy and here it is.   Instead of thinking so much about dead ends with people who are resistant to change, I am going to seek out where the open doors are because I know that there will be lots of enthusiastic energy eager for new development.   I am sure it will have a great effect on my training.


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