9 Teams- 200 Sets- 3000 games Flexibility, Courtesy, Cooperation and Some Rain


You have to love the way tennis has integrated so much courtesy into the game. Players always shake hands at the end of the match, they apologize when a ball hits the net and they win the point, they wait until their opponent is absolutely ready, the fans remain quiet during serves, and a zero is called love. Courtesy is one of those great qualities that allows people to keep their relationship going despite the intensity of the competition.


At the SEASAC tennis tournament in KL this past weekend there were some other great qualities as well. When it rained the first day and everyone had to wait an hour no one complained. Young athletes from UWC jumped out on the court as soon as the sun appeared to use the big squeegies to clean the court and then play continued.


And maybe the best quality of all was the flexibility and understanding that coaches demonstrated when they rain began during the finals. When we had to move indoors, they all agreed to shorten matches and cut out other ones. No one insisted or became impatient. It was a great display of how to solve a difficult problem.


At the end of the day the tournament is for the players. There were approximately 225 sets played in a pro set fashion to 9 games. That makes about 3000 games in two days. After all of that there is one team that comes up on top.


For the boys that was Bangkok Patana for the 6th year in a row and for the girls it was New International School of Thailand, but the real story is the amount of play and the number of great points.


The competition brings out some great play, and the great participation makes the competition strong.


Good show.


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