A Week To Remember


Our MKIS sports teams performed extremely well this past week. When I think about the amazing work that the coaches and athletes are doing this year, it makes me feel very proud to be with this program.


Our soccer teams are participating in new league this year which we call ISAC, which stand for the International Schools Activities Conference. You can see all of the results of the league at http://www1.iskl.edu.my/high/isac/isacIndex.php


The league is made up of teams from ISKL, Alice Smith, Garden, and MKIS. ISKL opted to put their second level teams in the 7 aside soccer league this year because their A team’s international tournament is 11 aside. In the first week of play against them our boys won 7-0 and girls 5-0 which was not a big surprise. The second round of play was quite remarkable. Kate, our girl’s varsity coach decided to take the heat off of ISKL and put it on our girls by sending a team of 9th and 10th graders and then only 8 of them. The result was a 4-4 tie. This is what the ISKL coach wrote in reply.

I’m writing this on behalf of the ISKL JV soccer team–we would really
like to extend our appreciation to the girls soccer coach from MKIS.
Yesterday’s game was fun, positive, competitive, and a terrific
opportunity for all of our girls to learn and improve their play and
fitness. This was really needed after our defeat two weeks ago; the tied
score has greatly boosted team morale and has shown the girls that they
are capable of playing competitively. I really admire and appreciate the
MKIS sportsmenship and professionalism in how they selected the team they
brought yesterday.
So, thank you! We look forward to future games!

The boys team responded in a similar way but still managed to win 4-2 against ISKL. On Thursday both teams played another match against Garden School. The boys and girls both played extremely well in winning 5-1 and 2-0 respectively. Enjoy the photos.





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  1. Velasco Says:

    Good job with the photos, Richard! Site looks good 🙂

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