Tigers make tracks for Cancer Prevention


Two teams of MKIS teachers, students, and parents combined their aerobic lungs and feet for 15 hours in support of cancer research by running and walking in the annual Relay for Life at Bukit Jalil stadium this past weekend. Each person took shifts from one to three hours on the track with their Malaysian compatriots to raise funds and awareness for this most important cause. The teams were supported partially by the Madeliene Children’s Fund, our own school organization aimed at supporting the work of cancer prevention and treatment. Thanks to all who participated and supported the effort.
One of the values of doing runs and walks to support cancer work is that the research now shows that aerobic exercise helps in the prevention of cancer.


6 Responses to “Tigers make tracks for Cancer Prevention”

  1. Megan Williams Says:

    Great blog guys.

  2. mary Says:

    Way to go Uncle Dick! Your talented in so many ways. I hope to see you very soon and spend quality time with you and Debbie at the beach!!! We miss you both, Love, Mary and Ron

  3. mudspice Says:

    I love the blog! Great photos. This will be a great source of information and inspiration to your school. Check out the MKIS site – the link’s not working.

  4. ae Says:

    Awesome site! This is really great!


  5. Juliet Says:

    Way to go Dad! Good work on the blog, it looks great with lots of pics. It’s nice to see what you guys are up to at school.

  6. Denise Says:

    Hi Richard,
    this blog is great!!
    Eu estou muito feliz com suas conquistas!!!!
    Estou com saudades. Beijos,

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